Canines In Action
Flyball Club

About Us

Canines In Action Flyball Club (CIA) was formed in May 2000. Many of our members were previously members of Houston Flyball Association and have trained multiple dogs over the years. The goal of our flyball club is to have fun with our dogs and each other.

Many people ask "What is flyball?" The quick answer is drag racing for dogs. The team can have a maximum of 6 dogs, 4 run at a time in relay fashion. The racing lane is 51 feet from the start to the box. The dogs can pass on the start line, jump 4 hurdles, trigger the box, catch their ball and return to you, then the next dog goes.

We are always looking for new members and dogs. If you are interested in coming to a practice, please contact us.


Cassie Take OffFargo at BoxBell Jumping Hurdle