Bell in flowers

What was it about my timing that cool summer morning? Somehow the puppy knew just when to dance across the street, like a movie playing in my rearview mirror. Our crossing paths were choreographed perfectly. I was destined to help this puppy on her journey from neglected street stray to flyball dog and loving family member.

The journey began as soon as I pulled my car over. We thought she might be wild, but she ran into Christopher's outstretched arms, sighed, and whispered,"Take me home".

On the way home, Christopher named her Bell, after Blue Bell ice cream. Why? "Because she's sweet and I like her", he responded.

At home we studied Bell carefully. Only half of her hair remained, the other half destroyed by mange, and she smelled terrible. Bell avoided the other dogs and slept a lot. I wasn't sure if she would survive, but she not only survived - she thrived!

Two weeks after I found Bell we had a flyball tournament. I couldn't leave Bell at home since she was so sick; however, she preferred to stay in her crate. She trembled and growled at the other dogs.

Bell became a steady, dependable dog on our team. She ran most of the races and rarely made mistakes. When she walked from the crating area, it was with her head and tail held high and a prance in her steop. She was a confident athelete. She also learned strangers were not scary. She would approach strangers, sit nicely and stare at their treat pouch. She was often rewarded for this self-taught trick!

When I found Bell, she had been thrown away. Someone did not see the treasure she could become with a little love, patience, and training. She became a healthy, happy, loving member of the family and our team.

Bell began having seizures not too long ago. Her blood sugar levels would drop to nothing in a matter of seconds and she would become disoriented and fall. She retired from racing. As she had a seizure, we gave her sugar to get her through it and she would recover. She was happy when she was seizure free.

Last Monday, Bell had a seizure when no one was here. She couldn't recover from that seizure and continued to seize over and over. It was with sadness, but peace that we put Bell down. She is now buried in the backyard next to my gardenia bush. The flowers were blooming and the fragrance was wonderful.

Bell had a good life. She was lucky we found her. We were equally lucky to have known her.

Bye, Bell.

Bell flyball