Hazard Jumping


Driving home for work one day I spied a group of 3 small boys throwing rocks at a small animal under a bush. I turned around and went back to stop them. I was appalled to find an adorable puppy under the bush. The boys said their Mom had gotten the puppy at the “animal pound” and they did not want it any more so they were trying to scare it away. After a lot of threats and scolding I took the puppy home. Somehow I knew from the start this little dog would be staying with me.

Hazard was my first fully clicker trained dog and although he was afraid of the ball in Flyball and nervous about retrieving he eventually learned to retrieve a soft Nerf ball from the box using clicker training. Hazard was built to run Flyball with long straight legs and a longer body he should have been able to single step the jumps. In his early years he ran fast but as Flyball became “routine” ha began to slow down.

Flyball is just not in Hazard’s blood. He has always been a little shy and just not competitive. To Hazard Flyball was a trained routine not a RACE. At a tournament in 2009 Hazard was placed on a veterans team just for fun. Several times he stopped in the lanes and turned to look at me as if to say “are you sure I need to do this?” That was Hazard’s last race. Now retired from Flyball Hazard is still a young dog who enjoys learning new tricks so we look forward to a new career in Freestyle.