Kaos Jumping


We have a team of dogs in Flyball and with Izzy my older Basenji needing to retire, Hazard our only height dog really needed back up. With no real future Flyball height dogs on the horizon I started thinking about adding another small dog to the family. Lucky for me I am involved in Rescue and I found just the right dog.

Scanning the Rescue lists I came across this little black puppy listed at the Fort Worth Animal Control. He was scheduled for euthanasia because he had mange. Mange takes too long to cure for shelters to keep all the dogs that come down with it. I called my contact at the shelter and asked if I could pull him and make arrangements to transport him to Houston. She was thrilled. This little guy was a bit of a handful and the local rescues were not interested in him.   

After picking this little dog up I could see why. He was smaller then I thought with hair sticking out everywhere. He loved me from the moment I picked him up and was determined even at the young age of  3 months not to let any of my big dogs boss him around. He would growl and bite their feet and dance away before they could retaliate. This little guy quickly had all my other dogs tiptoeing around him. I knew almost instantly his name needed to be Kaos and over the years he has definitely lived up to his name. His nickname fits a little too well sometimes “the insane flea”.

Kaos has turned out to be an awesome height dog. He is determined to beat those big dogs. We hit a bit of a hard patch in training with him since he initially refused to hold onto the ball all the way back to me. It was solved one day at a practice time for a tournament I had arrived early and the rest of my team was not there. Having no equipment I found a small toy squeaky soccer ball in my bag and had a friend set it where the box would be. It was like magic. Kaos not only carried that ball all the way back to me but I had a little difficulty getting him to give it back. The only problem with this was the squeakier. The last thing I needed was to have some big dog see Kaos running in the lanes squeaking like a toy. He would be too hard to resist. I figured out how to de-squeak them though without them loosing their bounce and Kaos happily still loved them. That was Kaos’s start in Flyball and he is still excited running today. Kaos currently has no back up but runs all the races like a trooper. He is exhausted after a long weekend but he smiles in his sleep all the way home.