Midget Mayhem (Midgie)


Fostering lots of dogs from work as I do many people often ask me how I can give them up. “Don’t you get attached to them?” they ask. Of course I do. Midgie was one of those dogs I got too attached to. Midgie was a tiny girl and she too came down with kennel cough. I took her home to get her well and then brought her back to the shelter to put her up for adoption. I went through a few potential adopters talking to them and trying to find the right home. None ever seemed quite right and in the meantime I was getting very attached to her.  Despite her tiny size she managed to fit in with the coonhounds, she was playful and smart and just submissive enough not to cause any problems. I think that is why I fell in love with Midgie, she is smart and a bit impish. She gets this sly smile when she thinks she is putting one over on you. At this point Midgie is in training and seems as though she is having fun. Our only real challenge may be getting her to hit the box hard enough to trigger it. She is only 7 pounds. We will see. In the meantime she is having a blast and loves the training and attention,.