Miss Molly

Molly and mom

December 25, 1990 - July 10, 2006

Molly began her flyball career after I went to the Astrohall dog show and saw flyball for the first time. She was never the fastest dog out there, but she was reliable. I could always count on Molly going to the box, getting her ball and not making a mistake. Any mistakes made were on my part, such as letting her go too early and having an early pass.

Molly earned her points usually one point at a time. We went to Las Vegas in 1998 and Molly was put on a team of Border Collies with the intent to earn the points needed for her FDCh. We went with 383 points and only needed 117 points or 5 - 25 point runs. It took the entire day on Saturday to get these runs, not because of Molly, she never made a mistake. We came away from the tournament with 516 points.

Soon after this, I noticed some cloudiness in her eyes. She was diagnosed with Glaucoma and by that time the Veterinary Opthamologist did not think she could see. At best, only some shadows from one eye. As a result, Molly retired from flyball at age 8 with her FDCh when she lost her eyesight. We attended an obedience course as a blind dog. Molly depended on me and the other dogs as her eyes.

Molly and presents

Molly loved life. She especially loved the holidays and birthdays or anytime there was a present. She did not always care what was in the present, she just loved opening presents as seen in the picture. My Christmas tree was always encased inside an ex-pen so that Molly could not open all of the presents. She loved Easter because she got to hunt for Easter eggs. She would fight the boys for the eggs in her younger years. She knew how to pop the plastic eggs to get the treat inside, so we started putting out puppy eggs and kid eggs for all to find.

Molly also loved to sing. Happy Birthday was her favorite song. I remember one year in Corpus Christie there was a talent contest and Molly sang Happy Birthday to Barbara West with help from her Houston Flyball Association teammates. Molly won the talent contest. Christopher and I just celebrated our birthdays, I miss hearing Molly sing her song.

She loved flyball and the time we spent together. After she lost her eyesight, she became the CIA cheerleader, she was not going to be left behind. Sometimes she would sit and "watch" flyball. Her head would move back and forth as the dogs went to the box and returned, just as if she could see. She knew what was going on and did not want to miss out.

Molly flyball