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Flyball Club


We practice weekly at Rosehill Pet Resort on Saturday afternoon/evening, the time changes depending on the time of year and when it gets dark.

We work with every dog at least once during practice and the dog is worked at their level of experience. We train the dogs using component training - meaning we teach each component of racing separately and then put it all together once the dog has mastered all of the components. The components consist of:

1. jumping the hurdles - starting with one and adding as the dog understands

2. Leaving the handler

3. Recall to the handler

4. The box - without the ball and then add the ball once the dog has the swimmer's turn

What you need to bring:

1. Motivator - either a toy, tug toy, food or combination of all of them that motivates the dog to work

3. Water - for you and your dog

4. Chair - for you to sit and rest bewteen working

5. Crate - for the dog to rest in between working, while other dogs are working

6. Mosquito Repellent - the mosquitoes tend to be bad in the warm months


Rosehill Pet Resort

16303 Mueschke Road, Cypress, Texas77433

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