Sara Sara

July 4, 1996 - August 12, 2011

My mom says that Sara is the luckiest person around. She was 6-7 weeks old and dumped on the side of the county road in Alvin. It was dusk and I was on my way back to my sister's house with pizza for Christopher's birthday party when I saw this puppy sitting patiently on the side of the raod waiting for her family to return to get her. By the time I made it to Michelle's house with the cold pizza, her name was Sara and I decided she was going to be my next flyball dog.

Sara likes to sit and watch the world, especially the squirrels and birds. Sara also is a princess, she will tell you through her attitude, personality and expressions. Her team mates and sisters will tell you that they are well aware of her royalty status.

It took 3 years to train her for flyball because she did not want to put a ball in her mouth. Sara has never played with toys or balls. I used a clicker to get her focused on the ball; it worked with a lot of patience. She will get a ball at flyball, but no where else. Over the years, Sara has had to be retrained for flyball. At times she made her own rules, such as running down the middle of the lanes enticing the other dog to chase her. Sometimes it even worked. At this point, Sara is moving to the veterans division in flyball so that she can continue to run in the sport she enjoys.

Sara has had to retire from flyball, although she wants to continue to attend practice and tournaments for the opportunity of mooching. Sara has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the mouth. She had had surgery to try to remove it, but it keeps returning. At this point, we are letting her live a quality life for as long as she wants to continue going.